Tuesday, February 2, 2010


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Chocolate has the power to make us swoon any day of the week (it's true!), but somehow it tastes especially sweet on Valentines Day. If you're scrambling to find the perfect gift for a loved one, or if you want to treat yourself to a heavenly bite on the sweetest day of the year, then visit the Simply Divine Brownies website for some great Valentines Day deals (like those featured in the pics above)!

Why choose chocolate over flowers and jewelry? Here are some facts about chocolate to get your heart racing:

  • Chocolate is an aphrodisiac. It contains feel good stimulants that help boost your mood, like Theobromine and Phenyethylamine. In fact, the Emperor of Montezuma of Mexico and the Italian adventurer Giacomo Casanova both partook in chocolate before many a conquest.

  • Chocolate is complex (don't we all love that!). It has over 500 flavor components - that's more than double the amount found in strawberries and vanilla.

  • Chocolate keeps you young. It's true! Chocolate contains antioxidants, that help protect the body from aging caused by free radicals.

  • Chocolate is a great source of energy. Did you know that Napolean supposedly carried chocolate with him on military campaigns and ate it to boost his stamina?

  • And last, but not least, chocolate is good for your heart. It contains flavonoids that help you lower your blood pressure and cholesteral levels, which prevents the onset of heart disease.
Go ahead, indulge ... it's good for you!

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