Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Home State Pride

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Where do you hail from? Although I was born in Brooklyn, New York, my family moved to Northern Maine when I was 6 and I've always considered the vacationland state my true home. There is so much I love about Maine; in fact, a big part of what makes Simply Divine Brownies so, well...simply that we try to craft our products with the unique qualities that we cull from our everyday environment.

Here are the traits of Maine that you can find baked into every Simply Divine Brownie.

  • Generous - Our brownies are big, thick and chock full of ingredients. Generous to the hilt, just like the people who populate the state our brownies hail from.

  • Rugged- Our brownies are far from flat! They're stacked with gooey and delicious toppings, chunks of gourmet chocolate, candy and other goodies. Our creations are rugged and crumbly, just like the Maine coastline.

  • Charming - Our brownies are definitely not mass produced by machine. They are made from scratch by hand, so each brownie is a little unique. Now that's what I call charming

I truly believe that baking our brownies from scratch in such a beautiful, generous, rugged and charming environment helps them taste delicious! Let's hear from you. What's your home state and why do you love it?

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