Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meet the Pink Lady

It's a beautiful morning here in Maine - and I hope it's equally as gorgeous wherever you are! To add to the joy of this sunny day, I'm pleased to announce the second winner of our Build a Brownie contest, which is....the Pink Lady brownie, submitted by chocolate lover Emily! Since all of us at the Brownie Shop wear pink every day (from our baker's hats to our aprons) this seems like a particularly fitting brownie to add to our roster of delectable creations:) Here's Emily's submission (and her picture below):

"How about a strawberry cheesecake brownie! Brownie base, a cream cheese second layer, swirled with strawberry preserves."

We asked Emily a few questions and here are her responses:

How did you come up with the idea for your brownie?
I looked at your existing brownie flavors and thought that neither cheesecake nor strawberries were represented yet. I would have suggested cherry cheesecake, but you already highlight cherries in three of your recipes, so strawberry it was! My friend, Patricia, loves cheesecake brownies and I have baked them for her several times. Without her, I doubt I would have tried them and discovered how delicious they are.

Why do you plan to do with your brownies?
My daughter, Victoria, is turning 1 on April 29. We're hosting a block party for family and friends to celebrate and now we have an extra goodie to give out in addition to birthday cake!

Why do you love brownies?
I've had a lifelong love of brownies. They are my ultimate comfort food. When I can't find time to bake the recipe my mom always uses (from an older edition of The Joy of Cooking), I order yours. Cocoa's IncrEdible Creations and Appily Ever After are my favorite varieties.

I have to admit, we were all blown away by the outcome of this brownie - it is absolutely delicious. I'm afraid I even asked our head baker, Shannon, to whip up a few extra batches because all of us at the shop can't stop indulging. I hope Emily enjoys her Pink Lady brownies as much as we did (and continue to do)!


  1. I have to say, this is now my favorite brownie. It is unbelievable...and I didn't think I woud like it. People are giving it rave reviews and the chocolate is a nice change frorm the sweet, dark chocolate we usually use.

  2. I just saw you tonight on Food Network and chanced finding ou on the web and did! I will enjoy looking back through your blog!