Friday, March 26, 2010

March Kitchen Conundrum Winner!

So, what is that strange looking tool that we featured in the March Kitchen Conundrum Contest? It's a ricer, and in the Simply Divine Kitchen we use it to rice mashed potatoes. Many of you are probably thinking - mashed potatoes and brownies - how do these two things go together?!?!?! Well, we use the mashed potatoes in the topping for our Need'Him or Her Brownie.

If you're a Mainer, you're probably familiar with Needhams, the delicious inspiration for this brownie. Needhams are a classic Maine staple (the "unofficial candy of Maine") which have been around for as long as I can remember. Needhams used to be sold in grocery stores here (in little orange candy sleeves - remember!) along side the likes of Snickers, Skittles and Milky Ways, but I think the heyday of Needhams has since passed. Not to worry, our Need'Him or Her Brownie pays homage to this classic candy in a sinfully decadent way. The brownie is comprised of our traditional brownie base, stacked high with Needham candy bar filling (that's where the potato comes into play), and then the whole brownie is dunked in dark chocolate...decadent, I know, but isn't that the point!

We use the potato in the Needham candy bar filling because it lends a creamy texture to this coconut-based concoction. And the ricer is a great tool for mashing potatoes because it never leaves them starchy, sticky or pasty like mixers tend to do…no lumps, either.

One person (Scott from Maine) correctly guessed the purpose of the ricer and the brownie for which it is used, so he'll receive a half dozen of Need'Him or Her Brownies plus the ricer! Congratulations Scott!

Stay tuned for April's Kitchen Conundrum...


  1. Congratulations Scott!!!

    Fred & Lou

  2. Congratulations Scott, I was hoping to win this because my ricer just broke and I use it for everything. It makes butternut squash really creamy. Plus, I love needhams & the brownie version is one of my favorites. Only problem was I didn't know about the contest until it was too late. When will you be posting the next kitchen conundrum?? Joyce

  3. There is nothing like a Needham, but a Needham brownie that uses Maine Potatoes ROCKS !!! They are Fabulous!!! For anyone that hasn't tasted these brownies yet, you should. They taste even better than any Mounds or Almond Joy candy bar. From your Fan Sarah

  4. I like the Needhims, they are great, but I was in the store last week, and tried the new strawberry buttercream brownies with milk chocolate and let me tell you it was to die for! i loved the milk chocolate.....yum, yum, yum! When are these going to be on the web-site?

  5. Wat to go Scott! I would have nver guessed that was what that was used for . I can't wait for next months contest.


  6. Congrats Scott. I entered and thought that it was a some type of press.I can't waitfor the next contest.


  7. Congratulations Scott. I love these brownies. It's like eating a Mounds bar only better. What a lucky guy.