Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Food for Thought

Click here to enter our Build a Brownie CONTEST!!!
Wow, what can I say? You have truly inspired all of us at the Brownie Shop with your creative, delicious and innovative submissions for the Build a Brownie Contest. Mint chocolate chip cookie dough, marzipan, mexican cinnamon, banana chocolate chunk, chocolate covered potato chip, pumpkin cheesecake, pistachio...the list of wonderful flavor submissions goes on and on...

As you know, we'll be randomnly selecting a winner this Friday, March 12th, but I can't help but think that more than one of these flavors will end up in our test kitchen in the coming months. We'll keep you posted! And if you are in the mood to salivate, I encourage you to head over to the comments section of the Contest Blog Entry to see what other chocoholics across the country consider to be the brownie of their dreams.

And don't forget to forward the contest on to any friends who might be interested in devouring a pan of their very own brownies!

Have a delicious day everyone!


  1. I hope you make a maple brownie!!

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  3. The new "tool" of the month is a weed wacker.
    It is used to harvest the wild Maine blueberries that are used in the production of the "Singin the Blues" brownie.
    It is very efficient in the harvesting of the berries, but the wires need to be replaced frequently as they have a tendency to break. If they become frayed, then the blueberries are damaged and can only be used in blueberry pancakes.