Friday, March 19, 2010

The March Kitchen Conundrum

Have you ever noticed how silly looking some of the utensils we use in the kitchen are? At the Brownie Shop, we often find ourselves wielding strange looking contraptions to create our brownies and we thought it would be fun to share these tools with an interesting way!

So here's the deal: every month we will be posting a photo of a kitchen tool that we simply cannot live without at Simply Divine Brownies. Each tool has a specific function related to creating just one of our heavenly brownies. We want you to answer the three questions below in the comments section of this posting, along with your email address, and on Friday, March 26, we will draw a lucky winner from the comments to receive the featured kitchen tool as well as half a dozen of the brownies the tool is used to make.

Here are the questions you need to answer in the comments section:
1. What is the tool?
2. What is it used for?
3. For which brownie is this tool an absolute necessity?
4. What's your email address?

Click here to search our brownie varieties to sleuth out the brownie created with the featured tool. Happy hunting and good luck!


  1. 1. Nutcracker
    2. To crack nuts!
    3. Calmel


  2. Cocoa's IncrEdible Creations
    a mill type devise that place sugar on top of the brownies.


  4. apple sauce grinder, for apple brownie.

  5. 1 ricer
    2 mashing
    3 sweet potato cheesecake swirl


  6. kelly
    I think that it is a sifter to sift flour for the brownies. Every delicious Simply Divine brownie.

  7. I saw this on Cooking with Bobby Flay around Thanksgiving.

    1.potato masher mash potatoes.
    3.needhim or her brownie

  8. I think that you pour sugar crystals in the the cup and push down the metal handle to sprinkle those little sugar crystals on top of the chocolate frosted brownies.

  9. 1.citrus press
    2.squeeze juice and zest "appealing" brownie in Freeport store

  10. it for sure is a grader or masher item and can be use to make choch. silvers over a lot of different brownies. You could use it for sugar too. since I don't cook, I don't know the real name, but I am very close I am sure and deserve the brownies. :)Judith

  11. 1. Mincer/press
    2. Pressing foods into a fine pulp/juice
    3. Singin' the Blues - pressing/sifting the blueberry spread to make it smooth for the buttercream frosting.

  12. cheese ginder.
    taking care of the cheese concoction
    cheesecake brownie
    (this has to be it.)

  13. I don't think it is for cooking at all, it's a medieval torture device!

  14. I think that it is a fruit press for the sweetheart raspberry brownie. You put the fruit in and press it down to get just the fruit through the press and the seeds stay in the cup.

  15. oh! can I leave a comment!? I don't think so...I'm the baker here at Simply Divine and I KNOW what it is used for!!!! All these guesses are so much fun! keep them coming! :)