Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's Your Favorite Brownie?

We all have our favorites, right? Our favorite color, our favorite book, our favorite movie. And what about our favorite Simply Divine Brownie? My personal favorite is our Cherry Chakra Brownie - a crumbly sour cherry brownie with a delicious gooey center. My husband is a coffee nut (and a self proclaimed Starbucks fanatic), so he always reaches for our Perk Up Brownie, a fudge brownie smothered in coffee buttercream frosting, sprinkled with cappuccino chips and kicked up a notch with a splash of kahlua.

And my youngest daughter, who is arriving home today for the holidays, is devoted to Cocoa's Creation, our chocolate buttercream frosted fudge brownie. Her twin sister, on the other hand, always reaches for our Peppermint Peace Brownie when she makes the trip home.

What's your favorite flavor? Vote in the sidebar! Then, visit the Simply Divine Brownies website to peruse all our out of this world flavors.

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